Manuscript should be prepared containing the following: Title, Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgment (If any) and References. Citations should consist of articles published in Web of Science (WOS), Scopus, and other reputable peer-reviewed journals.

Manuscript should be typed in 12 font size and in Calibri. Margins should be 1 inch on all sides. Pagination should start from Title Page consecutively towards the end of the whole paper. 

The Title Page should include the authors’ last names (first and middle names should be initial letters only), email address, and affiliations.

The Abstract should not exceed 250 words and should contain at least 4 keywords.

Numbers should be spelled out when it is used at the beginning of the sentence.

Acronyms or unfamiliar abbreviations should also be spelled out when it is mentioned for the first time in the text.

Scientific name of the species in italicized form should be given when it is first mentioned in the text and a common name shall be used in the succeeding sentences.

The metric system should only be used. Use abbreviations of units only beside numerals (e.g. 5 m); otherwise, spell out the units (e.g. meters from here). Do not use plural forms nor periods for abbreviations of units. Use the bar for compound units (e.g. 10 km/hr). Place a zero before the decimal in numbers less than 1 (e.g. 0.5).

Titles of Tables and captions of Figures should be short and understandable without referring to the text.

Graphs should not be enclosed in a box and has no horizontal grid lines; while tables have no vertical lines. Horizontal lines in the table are only for the table heading, top line and bottom line. Each table should be labeled at the top with an Arabic numeral followed by the table title.

References should be cited in APA 6th edition (author, year format). Cite three or more authors as (first author et al., year), references in press as (author, in press). If two or more references are cited, arrange them by year (e.g. Alcala 1987; Asakawa 1990; Santos 1992).